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Stem Cells

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Stem Cells


Stem Cells in the teeth?... What does that mean?

Stem cells are "master cells" within our bodies. These specialized cells can divide and then multiply into various specific cell types. Under controlled conditions, they can be formed into organs and tissues as well, and they can even repair the immune system.

Dental Stem Cells

Even after removing the primary dentintion (row of teeth), there is still the possibility of obtaining stem cells of the teeth. These cells can be harvested from the premolars, which are normally extracted for successful orthodontic treatment (braces) or from wisdom teeth as well.

Diseases that are treatable using stem cells

The field of medicine continues to advance quite rapidly toward highly personalized treatments for each patient. Stem cell therapy treats diseases by introducing healthy and functional cells to replace diseased or dysfunctional cells.
Stem cell therapy is being researched and successfully utilized all over the world to treat not only dental issues, but to manage and treat many other serious conditions as well:

Parkinson’s Disease and Alzheimer’s Disease




Liver Damage


Spinal Cord Injuries


Multiple Sclerosis and chronic degenerative diseases


Arthritis and joint injuries


Various types of cancer


Bone Injuries


Heart Attacks and other cardiac diseases


The production of new skin for grafting after serious burns


The production de new corneas (in the eye)

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